Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Anima Libera

Admission €8, info on pre-sales: julyo78@gmail.com
Doors open at 4pm with a Grand Tea Salon hosted by "Lady Windermere Coffee Fan"
Show starts at 6pm sharp

"A show created with the brainwaves of the audience!"

ANiMA LiBERA is a music & video art initiative by a group of multi-media artists, which merges the exploration of human consciousness with the use of sophisticated technology. During the show the band will use a live "Interactive Brain Activity Visualizer" with selected members of the audience who will be interacting with the band's music and visuals.

This project features the participation of:

ANiMA LiBERA ( Julyo, Pietro Gabriele and Martyna Halas)
Louis Yagera
Olga Kuzmenko
Paul Power ( (Enfp Visuals) )
Ambra Bergamasco ( Butoh dance )
Tara Mc Guinness (Lady Windermere Coffe Fan)

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