Friday, April 17, 2009

Previous Salons

Mamuska Dublin
25th September
Ruth Lehane (clowning), Riona Hartman & Sam Kavanagh (music), Rachel Devlyn (character improvisation), Seamus Bradley (multimedia eulogy), Niamh Lawlor (multimedia puppetry), Roland Gomez ('hang' instrumental performance), Stephen James Smith (guerilla poetry), Aine Belton (experimental film), Anne Lillis aka 'Jean D'Arc de Triomphe' (cabaret), Emma Pearson (cabaret)

Supported by the Arts Council. Part of the citywide 'Culture Night'.

Midsummer Mini-Salons

3rd July

Stephen James Smith (Urban poetry), Laura Sheeran (experimental music), Roberta Miano (violin), Sam Farrell - comedy sketch, Bonnie Jeanne Lawless - short film 'Trials and Tribulations of a 3-minute workout', Trisha O' Keeffe & Shawn Jones - Guitar & bass, Katherine Nolan - short film 'You're a very Naughty Boy', Cressida Fustian - comedy sketch, Victor Feldman - music, Tim O'Connell - short film 'Slow Return', Andrew Legge & Serena Brabazon - film 'Chronoscope'

26th June

Pianist Alberto Gariglio, John Collins and actors (surreal play), Shawn Jones & Cyril Lawrence (jazz), Sancho Gallilei (storytelling), Emma Pearson - cabaret, Zoltan ('Un Chien Andalou' live soundtrack), Clodagh Downing - (extract 'The Evolution of Lauren Begaun'), Anne Lillis & Kim Porcelli - 'Rose Lawless'

19th June

Oil & Blood (Americana music), Emily Aoibheann (work in progress), Riona Hartman (music), Coco La Bouche (comedy sketch), "Rooflanders" dir: Sven Werner, "Tango in D Minor" dir: Maurizio Usai, Flamenco by Felipe de Algeciras, Olayo Jimenez & Lucas Gonzalez, VIDEO ART by Laura O'Connor and Seamus Bradley

12th June

Exploratory Theatre Salon - 27th February 2009

Line-Up: Maia Monaco & Guillermo Pesoa 'A Sliver of Voice', Sascha Perfect, Sascha Perfect/Maia Monaco (improvised collaboration), Carlo Jacucci, Nicole Rourke, Hillary Williams, Clodagh Downing, Anne Lillis (aka Rose Lawless) accompanied by cellist Kim Porcelli.

Music Salon - 20th February 2009

(mislabelled as 22nd February in video sample)

Presented by Nicole Rourke

Line-up: The Photosonic Orchestra, Robotnik, Maia Monaco & Guillermo Pesoa, Maria Tecce, Claire Crehan, Alberto Gariglio, Eimear Crehan, Anne Lillis (aka Rose Lawless) and Stefano Schiavocampo (aka Steve Slavefield)

Mamuska Dublin - 5th December 2008

Line-up: Carlo Jacucci, Mephisto Theatre, Rachel Devlyn, Missing (dir: Holly Kennedy), Regan O'Brien, Fitzgerald & Stapleton, The Scream (dir: Brigit McCone), Wedding Bed (dir: Eoin Maher), Anne Lillis (aka Rose Lawless), Despoina Kapetanaki & Christopher Samuel Carroll, Ana Julia Bonetto, The Photosonic Orchestra

5m2 Cross-media Event
- 6th & 7th July 2008

A full weekend of visual and performance arts at the Back Loft.

Visual Artists: Ernesta Ciarrapico, Julia Friese, Jeanne Merer, Francesca la Morgia, Pasquale Mariani, Rosalind O'Neill, Rodrigo Perez Browne, Dean Dennis Shepperd, Sergio Susperregui, Stephen Walsh

Photographers: Enda Cavanagh, David MacHale, Teresa Zille, Alice O'Toole, Sara Ranieri, Karol O'Mahony.

Musicians: Daniel Byrne, The Bottom Floor Band, Carosel, Eoin Dillon, Fat Yanks Sound Festival, Conor Furlong, Alberto Gariglio, Maeve O'Regan, Andrea Magnorsky, Reader's Wives, Kevin Ryan, Robotnik, Stefano Schiavocampo, Tempo100.

Performers: Ana Julia Bonetto, Maira Coelho, The Hernan Catvin troupe, Melanie Clark Pullen, Serena Brabazon.

Filmmakers: Melanie Clark Pullen, Isobel Blank, Jeanne Merer, Maira Coelho, Brigit McCone.

Where to Find Us

The Back Loft venue is part of 'La Catedral Studios', located on 7-11 St. Augustine Street (turn right at Living Quarters furniture shop on the top of Thomas Street/Cornmarket - opposite Tivoli Theatre/Francis Street). We are the second building on your right - the pink door with a 'La Catedral Studios' sign on it!

Alternatively, turn right after the Brazen Head (Dublin's oldest pub, off Merchant's Quay), then take your next left onto St. Augustine Street. See you there - with luck!

Buzz for admission if closed.