Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Anima Libera

Admission €8, info on pre-sales: julyo78@gmail.com
Doors open at 4pm with a Grand Tea Salon hosted by "Lady Windermere Coffee Fan"
Show starts at 6pm sharp

"A show created with the brainwaves of the audience!"

ANiMA LiBERA is a music & video art initiative by a group of multi-media artists, which merges the exploration of human consciousness with the use of sophisticated technology. During the show the band will use a live "Interactive Brain Activity Visualizer" with selected members of the audience who will be interacting with the band's music and visuals.

This project features the participation of:

ANiMA LiBERA ( Julyo, Pietro Gabriele and Martyna Halas)
Louis Yagera
Olga Kuzmenko
Paul Power ( (Enfp Visuals) )
Ambra Bergamasco ( Butoh dance )
Tara Mc Guinness (Lady Windermere Coffe Fan)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Call for Work: Mamuska Dublin

 *MAMUSKA DUBLIN  returns Friday 30th November 2012 @ THE BACK LOFT, 8pm*

 La Cat Salons calls local, national and international artists to participate in the upcoming Mamuska Dublin! This is a unique occasion to present and view evolving works,  raw ideas, unrehearsed visions, trials and errors, short masterpieces,  playful nonsense, first steps... all in the context of an informal  environment where like-minded artists meet, mingle, discuss and receive  feedback from the audience. Be a part of it!
A maximum of ten artists will present their work, with lively musical breaks for discussion.

Submission criteria:

 * open to works in the fields of dance, live performance, live installation, sound and video art
 * all works must be under 10 minutes long
 * all works must have very simple technical set up and requirements
 * send title, duration and brief description of work submitted
 * send short CV of people involved
 * inclusion of supporting material is recommended

 *Closing Date For Submissions: Monday 12th November 2012*

 Email all submissions to La Cat Salons curator Brigit McCone at lacatsalons@gmail.com. Mamuska Dublin is supported by the Arts Council Small Festivals Scheme and is an inhouse production of La Catedral Studios.