Friday, April 15, 2011

Mamuska Dublin: 10th June

MAMUSKA DUBLIN Friday 10th June 2011 @ THE BACK LOFT, 8pm
Follows a RAWCLASSICO concert at 7pm

Mamuska Dublin
returns on Friday 10th June, featuring a packed line-up of exploratory performance and film to challenge and inspire. Audience and artists mingle in an atmosphere of play and discovery.


Maria Loradana - DRAG KING
Aine O'Hara - 'The 30th most common word in the english language is 'word' ' - INTERACTIVE PERFORMANCE
expandance - 'Little Time/ Little Space' - DANCE
Sandra Gonzalez Bandera - MIMO-MASK PERFORMANCE
Liadain Speranza - DANCE
Marie Phelan & Michael McLoughlin - 'I still saw you dancing' - MULTIMEDIA STORYTELLING
Nuno Theodoro - 'Demiurge' - PERFORMANCE
Kit Fryatt - 'Crude Black Strap' - SPOKEN WORD
Helena Doyle 'Pure White' - FILM

7pm RAWCLASSICO - a treat for classical music fans. The great natural acoustics of the Back Loft are brought alive by a concert of Italian Baroque and Celtic music by renowned classical guitarist John Feeley and soprano Frances Marshall.

Mamuska Dublin and Raw Classico are free events supported by the Arts Council Small Festival's Scheme.