Sunday, November 27, 2011

Call for Work: Lady Windermere's Salon

La Cat Salons presents 'Lady Windermere's Caffeinated Art and Literature Salon', an artistic open house from 9th - 21st December, Wednesdays to Sundays 4pm - 9pm. A haven of coffee, conversation and cookies set amidst chill-out zones, classic silent cinema, musicality, performance, paintings, browsable reading matter, vintage wares and holistic healings - 'Lady Windermere: Coffee Fan' is looking for artists, musicians, performers and lunatics who would like a free performance space or a very reasonably priced wall-space (all sales 100% yours). Also seeking volunteers, interns and anyone who'd like to help develop the 'Lady Windermere's concept for future collaborations, understanding, of course, the vital importance of being earnest.

Visual artists: Visual artists can display artwork at a rate of €20 for 2 pieces for the full two weeks (€40 if they exceeds A1 size - 1/2 square metre) or €12 for one week. All profits from the sale of work go directly to artists with no commission. Lady Windermere's staff are happy to maintain a price list and sell work in your absence, notifying you of sale by text (supply your own bubble-wrap please). If you sell a work, you can replace it with another at no extra charge. Alternatively, artists can choose to submit work at a 20% sales commission rate and pay no charge upfront. Set-up/hanging on the 7th December. Email

Musicians & Performers: Absolutely free performing time is available for musicians, performers and DJs (low volume chill-out/ethnic/funk please - no heavy beats/techno - our sound-proofing cannae take it cap'ns) in one hour slots (during which you can perform as much or as little as you choose), with complimentary beverage and biscuit supplied. You may make full use of our open-mic corner or larger stage, sound system and genuine honky tonk piano. Collectives may book entire evenings (3 hour slot), and for longer performances (e.g. plays) longer slots may be available. A perfect chance to invite all your fans to an intimate Christmas concert or to showcase your talents to a totally new audience in an atmospheric and memorable creative space. To apply, simply email a performance description, your available times and technical requirements to . Slots are allocated on a first come first served basis so do not delay!

Video Artists: We will be maintaining a silent cinema in our alcove space throughout the daytime - if you have suitable silent film (or film which could be played silently) please submit. Alternatively you can book a performance slot in the evening (after dark) for a screening of your film (full volume in the main space). Applications to

Merry Christmas and Yuletide Cheer to all!

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