Thursday, March 11, 2010


PHOTO: Hillary Williams performing at Mamuska Dublin

MAMUSKA DUBLIN Sunday 11th April 2010 @ THE BACK LOFT, Starts 8pm

Presenting the return of Mamuska Dublin, a unique platform for evolving works, raw ideas, unrehearsed visions, trials and errors, short masterpieces, playful nonsense and first steps... all in the context of an informal environment where like minded audience and artists meet and mingle.

Complimentary drinks will be on offer with a raffle at the end of the night.

1. Aoife Casey - PERFORMANCE ART (ropes)
2. Carlo Jacucci - 'Orango Tango' CLOWNING/CABARET
3. David Dremner - improvised experimentation MUSIC
4. Elena Bezborodova - multimedia PERFORMANCE ART
5. Jade Travers - 'Evelyn Tables' (3 min sample)/ Elizabeth White 'Beneath her Skirts' - EXPERIMENTAL FILM

6. Narrative Arts Club - 'MULTIMEDIA STORYTELLING - 'Greenlandic Myth'
7. Kaspar Aus - DANCE in silence
8. Niamh Creely - DANCE/THEATRE 'Nostalgia'
9. Grace Kelley - 'He and She' PERFORMANCE
10. Roland Gomez - MUSIC hang & tongue drum

FREE ADMISSION. Mamuska Dublin is supported by the Arts Council.

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